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Curb Appeal on a Budget
 March 7 2017     Posted by Amrit Bains

If you're like most people looking to sell your home quickly, you already know the importance of curb appeal. While more and more homebuyers are looking online for homes for sale, a majority still do the trusty ol' drive-by before requesting a showing. If your home's exterior can't wow potential buyers from the street, you could be missing out.



Of course, if your home is for sale, you're getting ready to move--and that can put a strain on anyone's budget. So how can you boost your home's curb appeal without breaking the bank? You don't necessarily have to repaint or make large repairs. With minimal effort, you can entice curious homebuyers to want to see more.


Neaten Your Yard


You've probably done a good job already of cleaning up your yard. Keeping the lawn mowed and edged and the garden beds weeded is a no-brainer. That said, it might be a good idea to take it a step further by giving your yard the appearance of being easy to maintain. This can include:

.   Patching bare spots in the lawn

.   Adding a fresh layer of mulch

.   Replacing annuals with low-maintenance perennials

.   Patching cracked or pitted concrete


Clean Your Home's Exterior


Sweeping the porch may not be enough. Look up and make sure you get the cobwebs out of your overhangs and around the mailbox, house numbers and porch light. Clean your windows, inside and out. You may want to consider renting a power washer if your brick or siding looks dingy; you might be surprised at the difference it makes.


Low-Cost Exterior Upgrades for Curb Appeal


Sometimes, investing a small amount of money can help get more showings--which can mean selling your home more quickly. Some inexpensive upgrades that may make a big impact include:

.   Painting your front door

.   Replacing your mailbox

.   Installing new house numbers (be sure to repair or cover any cosmetic damage left by the old ones)

.   Adding potted flowers or hanging baskets to your porch


If any paths or entryways are too dark at night, consider installing some new lighting. Homebuyers are impressed by the safety and security of outdoor lights. Solar-powered path lamps and motion-detecting floodlights over the garage door are particularly impressive.

Never underestimate the value of good curb appeal. You’d be surprised how taking small steps can completely change how buyers see your home.


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